Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ten! Ten! Ten! - Month Four of Twelve - Post One

Ten! Ten! Ten!
Month Four of Twelve - Post One


It is the second Quarter of the year. The last quarter, I spent much time focusing on my home and my environment. (With a little 5 week ski patrol training that came into the pciture unexpectedly.) It's all good.

This next quarter, I am going to focus on "my instument." (See "You Tube" video embedded if you do not know what this means.)

I am going to do one of those small things for the rest of the quarter that will be strong and powerfull. Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten glasses of water per day, Ten days skiing per month, and Ten minutes of meditation per day.

Life is good.

Best Wishes, Marie

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  1. Ow, too bad I can't access the video here... But I'm sure all our mathematics is based on the number ten for some reason. Maybe because that's the number of fingers on our hands, our brains are wired to aknowledge it!