Wednesday, September 28, 2011

STING and MARY J - Month One of Twelve - Post Seven

Month One of Twelve - Post Six

Nothing more needs to be said.

Best Wishes, Marie

CONFIDENCE IS SEXY - Month One of Twelve - Post Six

CONFIDENCE IS SEXY - Month One of Twelve - Post Six

I love music. And so many artists. I have to say that if my life had a soundtrack, STING (and the Police) would be playing in the backround. Everywhere from "Walking on the Moon" and the classic "Roxanne" to all the songs relating to the cold war. During the cold war, I lived in Germany .... and hearing the words "I hope the Russians love their children, too" had much meaning and context.

Later, as I have established a home and learned to love a home .... "Hounds of Winter" and "Book of my Life."

I love to ski to the sounds of Sting (especially his Rosanne remix with Puff Daddy). As I was skiing this year, I listening to some music Jay loaded for me on my MP3 player, I found some songs that I had never bothered to notice.

Last year, I fell in love with Mary J Blige and her remix of "One" with U2. I did not realize until about a week ago that one of the songs I discovered this winter was a remix with Mary J. It is the song "Whenever I say your name" off of the Sacred Love album.

I remember years ago seeing Sting on 60 Minutes. And the interviewer said something like "Isn't all this a bit fake? You are over 50 and you are in a rock band?" Sting's response was (paraphrasing) "What's fake ? I am not wearing a wig or a corset ?"

Sting for me is a great example of someone who lives very deliberately. He eats well and is staying in good shape. His music means more to me because of who he is.

Mary J is just solid and grounded. At least now. (And if you take the time to look at the notes on You tube, lots of references to how sexy she is). Confidence is sexy.

As we have just passed through the 10 anniversay of 9-11, interesting to hear Sting speak of it. Our best response to the assualt, and our best way to honor the dead, is to live. Deliberately, with passion.

Best Wishes, Marie

Friday, September 23, 2011

MIRACLES HAPPEN - Month One of Twelve - Post Five

Month One of Twelve - Post Five

At the last minute, I was invited to join Ski Patrol training. Still working on the house and getting things in order and trimmed down all the belongings. (There is no snow involved. It is all classroom. But at the end, I will be a fully certified ski patrol).

I can feel much of the esteem starting to puff back up that was taken from me (or that I gave up) with "the ski incident."

WOW !!!!

Maybe someday this will be me !!

Again, WOW !!!

Best Wishes, Marie

Monday, September 19, 2011

RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW - Month One of Twelve - Post Four

Month One of Twelve - Post Four

Helloooooo Cyber Peeps ......

A few weeks ago, I heard this old 80's song on the radio while I was driving. And singing .... and I have been hearing this tune .... and I love the line "Right Here Right Now, There is no other place I want to be." I love that. It does not mean that I do not wish that laundry was already folded, or a few other "tweeks" but I am a blessed and grateful person.

I enjoyed LeLo's post about living with intension, take a peek. It is a sincere and soulful, and honest post. She is an amazing women. And she taught me how to embed.

When I heard this song, I thought about how I feel when I am on the top of the mountain. Skiing. So matter if it is a blizzard and I have to try and see if I can follow someones jacket down the mountain. Or if it is clear, cool, and sunny. "Right here, Right now........"

Make it a great day.... on my way to get some of that laundry folded, but I will be jamming while I do it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

SHIFTING AND MAKING ROOM - Month One of Twelve/ Post Three

Month One of Twelve/Post Three

Love this picture of this parking stucture in Munich. I have had many interesting things happen. Mostly, I have been going about my days. Before bed, I have been reading Julie Morgenstern's Book, SHED. It is about getting rid of old things, habits, etc... in order to make room for your currect life and also room for some new things.

These first three months of the year, I have an overall focus on going through all of my things. Getting rid of some stuff, getting like things together, etc.... In order to do this, one needs to figure out what they want. So they can ask themselves, "Does this thing or activity fit with me getting to my goal... support me in living the life I am working to create ?"

It is all tied together. So as I decide that I want to keep extra bottles of shampoo and soap out in the garage and use that feed up space in my hall closet for linens. Room where the linens are stored in the bedroom is freed up.

Somedays, I do not get as much done as I like. Overall, I am happier with the way things are going.

Making space for life. And watching with "ah" as the miracles happen. (The specifics of what miracles and new things have been able to come into my life as a result of freeing up room will be another post.)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

MOVING ALONG - Month One of Twelve/ Post Two

MOVING ALONG - Month One of Twelve/ Post Two

This the the anniversary weekend of the blog. I did the usual. Traveled to Park City. Did a little shopping.

I have a clear idea of what I want to do. And I love that.

With all of the storms and such, I have been busy working extra time.

This little jar is a symbol. I just plain old have too much stuff. This is a jar that worked in my house in Mexico, but was taking up too much space. So after spending a little time with it, I set it out of the street with a "free" sign on it.

Now I am free to focus on how I want this house to look, feel, work, etc..... I am excited.

I got my TV room looking great and just love it. It is easy to keep picked up and feels nice to "be in."

Little by little, I will make this house and this life all that it can be, and all that I can be.

Months One through Three are about sorting through, paring down and getting things (not only organized) but situated in a way the makes living joyful.

On I go.

Thank you Adam for the well wishes.