Thursday, August 18, 2011

REAVED UP -- Month One/ Post One

Month One/ Post One


I have been reading some books and tapes by Julie Morgenstern. A great organizing guru. I have decided to "hit the house." I am going to go through a room a week (or so the skeleton plan goes). Pearing down, organizing, and "zoning." Getting like things together. Making things more enjoyable and easier to get straightened up.

I have "gotten reaved up" and now I am moving along. The first room is ..... the bedroom. I have books, magazines, linens, etc..... I came to the conclusion that there is just flat out too much stuff in the house. (Which is not a bad thing, it is just not how i want to live. It is not comfortable FOR ME.)

The reason we are doing a room a week is because I still need to work. This will happen while I work full time.

Today I went through some magazines. My goal is not to fill the landfill. So I took them to a coffee shop.

This entire project will be a year. September to September. (But I am getting a little jump start.) The end of this 3 month segment will be the middle of November.

The photo above is a resort in the Domincan Republic. My husband, Jay, and I both love the way it feels, so and exact replica is not the goal. But the inviting feel that it has is. The sophisticated simplicity.

In the book, name SHED, Julie has the readers develope and idea of what the last phase of life was, and what you want the next chapter to be. So that as you are sorting through things you can ask .... "Is this _______ going to support the new life I am creating?"

For me, as I read, there was a visualization of a tree. The last phase involved "rooting" and the next phase involves "blooming." I want the next phase of my left to be full of "deliberate achievment" and the feeling of "passionate energy."

I cannot really say what will be happening after the first 3 month. But, by the time things wrap up in November, I will have a little breather and then dive into Dec, Jan, Feb. And ski season will be getting started.

Best Wishes, Marie

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  1. Hello, Marie,

    I tried to write yesterday, but the google evil network wouldn't let me.

    So, I'm excited about your new project, it seems to be great, I can hardly wait to see the result.

    Best of luck,