Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bold Moves - Month Seven of Twelve - Post Two

Bold Moves
Month Seven of Twelve - Post Two

I just realized this is month 7. So ... past the half way mark. I started this project with an idea of being focused on "home."

Then I decided to stay away from home 4 days a week, soon after the project started to train to be a ski patroller. Shortly after that ended, have spent several days a week away from home .... improving my skiing.

The grant I referred to in my last post is sponsored by a family. As a tribute to a man who passed away. He was a ski patroller, a community leader, an inventor, a builder, etc......... A busy guy going in five direction all at the same time.

Something about learning about him has made me feel like ........... I am not the only one who goes in five different directions all at once. I am so happy that I have a life partner who deals with all of this.

In my proposal I wrote that the grant would be a bridge to make an idea/ dream a reality. I hope I get it, because I feel so excited and passionate about doing it.

Jay, my husband, does not like me gone, but he deals with it. I often hear that the "bed is cold" when I am not there, etc........ Adam likes to call him the "bed cop."

I do believe that we all need to have a plan and start ....... move.......get in motion ........... and then go with the great things that we see along the way.

The other thing on the agenda ......last year I got cut from a team that I loved being a part of. And the more I think about it. The more I am not sure that the person who did the cutting has the complete authority to do so.

Me going off sad and grateful is not going to be the last chapter in this piece of history. I sent him an email this week, asking if I could have a conversatoin with him.

Because I know that when I go into to talk to them, they are going to say "Have you tried talking to him?" So I sent the email. I am waiting a week, so that I can say that I tried to talk to him.

And I am going to go talk to someone about it ......... next week.

Adam made some bold moves that he blogged about. I think this is "bold move" month.

Best Wishes, Marie

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