Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ski Research Grant - Month Seven of Twelve - Post One

Ski Research Grant
Month Seven of Twelve - Post One

It is a sad day in the ski community. Canadian ski racer, Nick Zoricic, died today is a race. A tumble like any other tumble, but landed just wrong. Very Sad. I just watched him race last week.

Really sad. It has been such a wierd year for snow. So much odd snow. so much ice. Things have been warming up, then they freeze up, and we are trying to ski on a sheet of hard ice instead of snow.

I applied for a grant to do some research on structures that are resistant to or deflect snow during avalanches. I submitted everything a few weeks go. However, today was the deadline. So in a few hours ..... what is in will be in.

Then it will just be a matter of time. I was thinking that i hoped not too many people applied and I got it. One of my friends who is really out spoken and helped me with the proof reading said that he hopes that lots of people applied, and I beat them all out !!!

It has really been fun to have a fantasy about doing this project. Really exciting. My excitement is mixed with sadness at the death of this great athelete. and it reminds me of the respect that we need to have for mountains that we use as our "play ground." To trust our instincts.

Best Wishes, Marie

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