Thursday, September 15, 2011

SHIFTING AND MAKING ROOM - Month One of Twelve/ Post Three

Month One of Twelve/Post Three

Love this picture of this parking stucture in Munich. I have had many interesting things happen. Mostly, I have been going about my days. Before bed, I have been reading Julie Morgenstern's Book, SHED. It is about getting rid of old things, habits, etc... in order to make room for your currect life and also room for some new things.

These first three months of the year, I have an overall focus on going through all of my things. Getting rid of some stuff, getting like things together, etc.... In order to do this, one needs to figure out what they want. So they can ask themselves, "Does this thing or activity fit with me getting to my goal... support me in living the life I am working to create ?"

It is all tied together. So as I decide that I want to keep extra bottles of shampoo and soap out in the garage and use that feed up space in my hall closet for linens. Room where the linens are stored in the bedroom is freed up.

Somedays, I do not get as much done as I like. Overall, I am happier with the way things are going.

Making space for life. And watching with "ah" as the miracles happen. (The specifics of what miracles and new things have been able to come into my life as a result of freeing up room will be another post.)

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