Monday, September 19, 2011

RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW - Month One of Twelve - Post Four

Month One of Twelve - Post Four

Helloooooo Cyber Peeps ......

A few weeks ago, I heard this old 80's song on the radio while I was driving. And singing .... and I have been hearing this tune .... and I love the line "Right Here Right Now, There is no other place I want to be." I love that. It does not mean that I do not wish that laundry was already folded, or a few other "tweeks" but I am a blessed and grateful person.

I enjoyed LeLo's post about living with intension, take a peek. It is a sincere and soulful, and honest post. She is an amazing women. And she taught me how to embed.

When I heard this song, I thought about how I feel when I am on the top of the mountain. Skiing. So matter if it is a blizzard and I have to try and see if I can follow someones jacket down the mountain. Or if it is clear, cool, and sunny. "Right here, Right now........"

Make it a great day.... on my way to get some of that laundry folded, but I will be jamming while I do it.

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