Saturday, October 15, 2011

BUSY BUT INVIGORATED - Month Two of Twelve - Post Four

Month Two of Twelve - Post Four

Hello Everyone,

It has been hectic. Being in unpaid training 4 days a week. Studying for it. Working enough to bring in enough money to at least stay ahead of the game. (or at least keep my nose above water.) And dealing with going through everything and getting organized/ decluttering.

It is all great. And Things are rolling in the direction that I want them to roll. There are times when I get sick of feeling so "under the gun."

Last night during the class we did a quick overview of what is left, and we will be done next week. Friday night, we will be all done. The class is only one more week. It is going to be so cool to have the certification.

Monday, Dylan and I are going to be working on my office. He is really excited about that. And so am I, but I do not know what to expect.

I am happy. Busy, but happy. It is exciting to watch things change that have been stagnant.

Best Wishes, Marie

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