Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh La La ! - Month Two of Twelve - Post Five

Oh La La ! -
Month Two of Twelve - Post Five

Oh La La !,

That feeling I was describing in my last post about being a bit over loaded and "it all just seems constant." Well I think that is the feeling that I am going to be having if I want to have some of the changes that I want in my life.

So ........ today was the day that Dylan came over and "got his hands on my office." Two chairs, and a giant basket went out to the curb. (Where the glass vase went a few months ago.)

The goal is to get rid of all the clutter, have things looking great, quick to tidy up and enjoy. Just about the last thing I want to do is be in my office all day. so the idea is .... if I can get it more spacious and pleasant, i will work more, etc.....

I also took down an old peg board with no pegs. And a little shelf that had nothing on it. Because it was not deep enough to really put anything on and it was not sturdy. So gone !!

When we replaced the old windows in our house with new windows, i saved some of them and replaced some of the glass with mirror. dylan said the mirror is a keeper.

So I have my list of things to clean, remove, sort, clear, etc..... There is a cupboard that has a little this and a little that (tools, cat treats, beach towels, etc.....) so i need to clear that out and we are going to organize that with some of the more appropriate office items that are now ..... clutter.

It'll be great. Dyland has a very organized, energetic energy. I wish that Adam lived closer because if he did, I would introduce them to each other.

Wishing everyone success and pleasure of living deliberately.

Best Wishes, Marie

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