Friday, October 21, 2011

New Identity! - Month Two of Twelve - Post Seven

New Identity ! -
Month Two of Twelve - Post Seven

Today is the last day of the ski patrol training. Wednesday, we had the written test and some trauma scenarios. I was one of a third of the class that passed.

People were crying. I was one of the last people to leave and the teacher asked me how I did. And I told him. And he said, "You should be happy." And I said, "It's hard to be happy when your friends are sad."

It was a mess. I remember not all that long ago when I was the one on the outside. It was a really hard night. Many of my classmates/ new friends have job offers that are contingent upon them passing. And the test is a standardized national thing.

There is an inner shift going on. All these old emotions surfaced. I am starting to get in touch with my new identity. A certified "Outdoor Emergency Care" person. This experience has gone as good as I could have hoped.

It has been a wonderful experience.

This is a picture of a reality TV show crew. Work hard and play hard !!

I have not applied for any ski patrol jobs. I am just getting used to the new "credentials." Later today, I am going to the last meeting. We have to be tested on a few basic skills (some bandaging, etc...). It is all downhill (ha ha) from here. I did it !!!

And then we party.

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